Seven Tips for Fine Furniture Care

  1. Wax drawer bottoms and table slides with clear paraffin wax from your local grocery or hardware store
  2. Do not wax the metal runners on drawers; maintain the light coating of grease instead
  3. Elevate the glass top on a desk or table with felt tabs to allow the wood to breathe
  4. Avoid polishes containing silicone because the silicone soaks beneath the finish and permanently into the wood fibers 
  5. Replace nylon glidemetal leg glides with nylon glides because the metal tends to rust after carpet shampooing
  6. Keep wood furniture a few feet away from heat registers so that it doesn’t dry out
  7. Maintain hydration – wood furniture usually retains 12% moisture and likes rooms at 25 – 35% humidity

Conversion Varnish More Durable Than Lacquer

Table Top Before Conversion VarnishThis table originally had a lacquer finish. On a dining room table this type of finish tends to become scratched and scuffed more quickly than other options.

As a general rule of thumb, experience has taught us that it is better to use conversion varnish rather than lacquer on furnishings that are in the bath, kitchen or dining room. The conversion varnish finish is far more durable in these environments.

The simple advantage of the conversion varnish is that it is more durable.